Tuesday, November 24, 2009

E-mail from "Cameron Barrie"

In reply to Martin Dempster's most recent article (published in The Scotsman and reproduced on www.scottishgolfview.com):

With regard to top-class amateurs turning pro, please can someone explain to me (a single- figure handicap golfer) how certain "top-class amateurs" with handicaps of +3, 4, 5, or event +6 can only average score 72 (level 4s old money) when they compete in professional tournaments?
Either simply they are not good enough - or the amateur handicap system is incorrect. Or what part of this picture am I not seeing?
Also a comment was left that a certain hopeful had to "work" as well as try to play golf! Good for him, maybe that’s what's required!
Better lessons to be learned from this tough school.
Come on, face it. You turn pro and you either make it or fail it!
Not always a reason, fair or otherwise. It’s called survival, a lesson ultimately we all learn.
Some are even lucky enough to be funded on this journey of Mediocrity.
So never mind looking to other options to justify why failure happens. Lack of funding or coaching is not why failure happens. Face facts. Simply not good enough is the real reason.
So stop making excuses. Stick in. Hopefully you may make it. If not, tough!
You could be like most of us: working in a job that we need to do!

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