Friday, November 20, 2009


E-mail from Neil Colquhoun
PGA Professional

Well done, Martin Dempster (staff writer of The Scotsman and Edinburgh Evening News papers).
It is not often a golf article (published in The Scotsman and reproduced on scroll down a few days to read it in full), gets such a large number of comments.
It really is a great question, and one with no easy answers.
No 7 response, I believe, got closest to the reason we see so many talented younsters seemingly 'fail' (remember making it onto the big stage in golf is akin becoming a world class contender in any other sport - in tennis we only have one, for example).
The US mini tours are littered with fantastically talented players, and as so many European countries produce more and more golfers it is inevitable that standards get higher and only the very best will make it all the way to the top.
Remember being a huge fish in a small pond is only the start of the journey.This is not negativity but reality.
Support must be given to any young professional sportsman or woman. By this I do NOT mean hand-outs.
Opportunity to play for some real money locally without huge travelling expenses and the ability to judge themselves against other professionals would be a start.
I hope the comments on this article keep coming in. Well done again, Martin Dempster.

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