Friday, October 09, 2009

Solar-powered golf carts are here in Scotland

and lack of sunlight is not a problem!

From Steve McTaggart
We read with interest the ( article by David Sheffer, USGA, about the use of solar powered golf carts.
We are a golf car distributor based in Scotland and have been promoting and selling solar panel cars for the last two years now. We too see this as the way forward and we are happy to report that many golf clubs are now considering using this alternative technology.
We have already supplied several golf clubs across Scotland who have been extremely pleased with the cars, their performance and the costings. We are also now able to retro -fit panels to some makes of golf cars already in situ - something which is also proving popular.
People are often very surprised to hear that these cars run well in Scotland and we have to remind them that the panel requires daylight only, not bright sunshine, to function efficiently. As David says in his article the financial benefits are obvious. Add to that the environmental benefits and the fact that the performance of the car is in no way affected or lessened due to its power source and its a win win situation.
Initially the cost of the cars is slightly higher than that of a petrol or electric car but these costs are soon off set by the reduction in fuel costs.
We hope that the trend will continue to grow and with growing pressure on us to embrace alternative technology this would seem the obvious way forward for the golfing industry.

Steve McTaggart
Managing Director
Scotia Golf Cars Ltd
5 Market Road
ML12 6FX



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