Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Terminator Arnold's plan to put extra tax

on California golf knocked out of bounds

In a victory for California’s golf business and consumers, legislators have rejected a proposed tax on golf-related activities that was intended to help reduce the state’s massive budget deficit.
The California Alliance for Golf, a coalition of state industry leaders, played a key role in defeating the proposal, which was introduced by state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The state is facing a budget deficit of more than $41 billion in the next 18 months.
The proposed golf tax targeted greens fees, practice balls, cart rentals, lessons and private-club membership fees and dues. The tax, which would have increased golf-related costs by as much as 10 percent, was scheduled to take effect on April 1.
Course owners and operators – aside from complaining that the tax unfairly singled out golf – warned that the tax would do more harm than good. An increase in consumer costs would result in less play and lower revenues for courses, which in turn would lead to reduced facility and course maintenance and greater lay-offs, they argued.
Formed in July 2007, the California Alliance for Golf includes participation from the Northern and Southern California golf associations, the PGA of America, private and public course owners, and course managers and superintendents.
Now how long before Gordon Brown and his cash-strapped government think of a tax on golf as a means of raising money? He has taxed just about everything else that moves.



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