Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Augusta rip-off for Masters accommodation

Somethings just have to be said, as long as they are true.
Here's a telling commentary on the city of Augusta, Georgia from CBS chief writer Steve Elling in his column on

Cry me a river It's not just gouging, but institutionalized gouging.
Every year, thousands trek to the Masters in Augusta, one of the worst hotel cities in America for a city that stands as the second-largest in Georgia.
Every year, visitors during Masters week get reamed by hotels and owners of private homes, who are permitted by city rule to raise rates through the roof.
A motel that wouldn't command $50 per night during 51 other weeks of the year gets $300 a night during the Masters.
Well, because of the economy and fall-off in demand, it seems that Augusta private homes that usually rent for $9,000 for the week, tax-free, are only commanding $7,000. Gee, I'm all broken up about it, aren't you?

PS from Colin Farquharson. Mind you, doesn't the same apply to any Open championship venue in this country? People in glass houses ....



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