Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Neverwillbees take Monday night honours

Fairways Target Leagues Week 10

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The title race in the Monday Night League had a thrilling finish with just one scoring ball deciding the destination of the Fairways Leisure Shield.
The Neverwillbees were in pole position, starting the night two points ahead of Loch Ness Juniors but the Juniors' superior shots-scored record would see them snatch the title with any slip-up by the Neverwillbees – as long as the Juniors won their game!
A victory for the Juniors was never in doubt as they faced wooden spooners Matthew MacPherson and the expected 2pt went to the Juniors by a comfortable margin.
This meant that the Neverwillbees had to win to secure their first ever league title but they were playing the quickly improving team of Trilight who mustered their best score of the season – an impressive total of 61!
The Neverwillbees had only scored more that that once this season so it was going to be an uphill task and in the end they only had 10 scoring balls to the 12 of Trilight. But the Neverwillbees were better at the higher-scoring targets and amassed a total of 63 to beat Trilight by just 2 shots, take the two points for the win to grab the league title.
Not only did Trilight lose the game, they dropped from third to fourth in the league table as BM Trucks, courtesy of the bye, leapfrogged them by just one point.
Both the Loch Ness Juniors and The Neverwillbees go into Wednesday night's Top Team Play-off (7.30pm) and join the Luckless Leadbetters and Fairways in trying to win the Bank of Scotland Cup.
Trilight 61 – 63 The Neverwillbees.
Loch Ness Juniors 54 – 17 Matthew MacPherson.
BM Trucks (Bye) 29.

1 The Neverwillbees 10-18
2 Loch Ness Juniors 10-16
3 BM Trucks 10-11
4 Trilight 10-10.
5 M MacPherson 10-5.



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