Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger faces being ridiculed for next 25 years, says Alliss

By Martin Dempster
Peter Alliss, the veteran BBC golf commentator, has claimed that Tiger Woods will face being ridiculed for the next 25 years over the personal problems that have led to the world No 1 taking an indefinite break from the sport.
Alliss, who was speaking during a guest appearance at the PGA Scottish Region annual luncheon in Glasgow, described Woods' situation at the moment as "awful" following his confession over "infidelities" and says he's going to need a "minor miracle" to get both his life and career back on track.
"We all feel sorry for his wife and the upset it has caused his family because he is going to be a figure of fun or ridiculed for the next 20-25 years," Alliss said. "It will be interesting to see if his mind is powerful enough to combat all the slings and arrows of outrageous jibes and jokes."
Alliss believes that Woods' best option might be to make a public appearance to express remorse.
"Having gone to America many, many times, I think I know a bit about them," added Alliss. "And it would appear that if you declare yourself as an addict of something in America and have treatment for it, you get sympathy.
"If he's going to declare he's a sex addict, like Michael Douglas, the actor did, and go to a clinic for treatment, and says he is trying to get back on track, that could be something in his favour."



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