Wednesday, October 23, 2019

 Mike Aitken wins Scottish golf writers' championship at Crail

Mike Aitken, retired staff golf writer with "The Scotsman" newspaper, won the Scottish golf writers' championship this week over the Craighead links at the Crail Golfing Society course.
The Stableford scores of the prizewinners were:
1 Mike Aitken 35 pts, 2 Brian McLaughlin 34, 3 Martin Dempster 27, 4 Bernie McGuire 23





Sixty-two Edinburgh and East of Scotland Alliance Members were in the Capital today  to contest The Bootland Trophy at the par 72 (37,35) Duddingston course.
The silverware will have Royal Aberdeen's Jordan Whyte's name on it with his net 70 (79 less 9). Jordan was out in 43 but an impressive one over par 36 on the back nine resulted the best net by 2 shots.
Best scratch score of the day on level par 72 was shared by Zander Culverwell (Renaissance Club) and Marc Owenson (Gullane). Third scratch was shared on 73 by Norman Huguet (Musselburgh) and Andrew Oldcorn (Ratho Park.
Best net of 72 by Jordan Whyte was followed in 2nd spot  by Craig Surgeon (Newbattle) on net 72 (73 less 1) and 3rd Bill Miller (Baberton) on net 73 (81 less 8).
Top Senior Prize was shared on net 75 by Willie Miller (Falkirk Tryst) (85 less 10) and Brian Thomson (Kilspindie) (80 less 5).
Order of Merits see some changes at the top -
1. Marc Owenson (Gullane) - 228.0
2. Neil Henderson (Renaissance Club) - 200.0
T3 Richard Johnston (Glenbervie) - 198.0
T3 Craig Surgeon (Newbattle) - 198.0
5. David Rudd (Longniddry) - 192.0
T1 Willie Laing (Prestonfield) - 66.0
T1 Craig Surgeon (Newbattle) - 66.0
3. Scott Fraser (Mortonhall) - 64.54
T4. Ross Callan (Bathgate) - 62.0
T4 Mark Davies (Newbattle) - 62.0

We now have a short break,  play resuming in two weeks in East Lothian at The Musselburgh Golf Club.
Alan Greenshields
Secretary/ Treasurer
Edinburgh and East of Scotland Golfers' Alliance
18 Woodfield Park
EH13 0RB

Mobile: 07730 007100



John Duff, the last player to finish in a field of 99 for today's North-east Golfers' Alliance fixture at Peterculter Golf Club, won first prize with a par-equalling score of 71 (35-36).
The Newmachar-attached pro birdied the first and 16th, offset by bogeys at the 14th and 15th
Duff won by one stroke from three men who tied for second place,
four-handicap Kemnay amateur Craig Angus and professionals Philip McLean (Peterhead) and Sam Kiloh (Portlethen)


71 John Duff (Newmachar)
72 Phil McLean (Peterhead), Craig Angus (Kemnay), Sam Kiloh (Portlethen).
73 Ross McConnachie (Peterculter)

Class 1
69  Robert Lamb (Newmachar)  (7), Brian Ritchie (Inverallochy) (4) , Donnie Adam (Kemnay) (5), Colin Redman (Aboyne) (8)

71 Richie Davidson (Caledonian) (7)
Class 2
66 Jim Scott (Peterculter) (11)

69 Rod MacDonald (Peterculter)  (10)
70 Richard Ruddiman (Royal Aberdeen) (9), Brian Munro (Newmachar) (15)
71 Willie Skene (Deeside) (9)

PAR 71 (36-35)

Field of 99 players.
71 J Duff (Newmachar) 35-36
72 C Angus (Kemnay) 39-33, P McLean (Peterhead) 39-33, S Kiloh (Portlethen) 38-34
73 B Ritchie (Inverallochy) 38-35, R McConnachie (Peterculter) 40-33.
74 D Adam (Kemnay) 37-37, K Duncan (Cruden Bay) 37-37, C Gilbert (Cruden Bay) 36-38, D Addison (Cruden Bay) 37-37, B Nicolson (Newmachar) 38-36.
75 G Somers (Bon Accord) 40-35, S Finnie (Caledonian) 37-38, C Lamb (Newmachar) 36-39
76 G Meade (Caledonian) 39-37, D Leslie (Bon Accord) 42-34, J Nicolson (Hazlehead) 40-36, L Buck (Newmachar) 41-35, R Lamb (Newmachar) 41-35
77 C Redman (Aboyne) 38-39, R Davidson (Caledonian) 42-35, J Scott (Peterculter) 40-37, K Zeynalov (Portlethen) 40-37
78 S McWilliam (Royal Aberdeen) 40-38, C Carnegie (Kemnay) 42-36, M Buchan (Cruden Bay) 40-38, M May (Cruden Bay) 41-37, R Mair (Buckpool) 41-37
79 C Craig (Kintore) 41-38, R Ruddiman (Royal Aberdeen) 41-38, I Esslemont (Newmachar) 42-37, K Beveridge (Kippie Lodge) 41-38
80 K Bedborough (Deeside) 40-40, D Fleming (Portlethen) 41-39, J Sunley (Newmachar) 41-39, W Skene (Deeside) 40-40, S Mackie (Hazlehead) 42-38, R MacDonald (Peterculter)  40-40
81 C Cassie (Nigg Bay) 40-41, G Riley (Craibstone) 40-41, I Birnie (Deeside) 41-40, S Wallace (Portlethen 41-40
82 G Gibson (Kemnay) 42-40, S Shand (Kemnay) 44-38, W Rennie (Paul Lawrie GC), D McLean (Newmachar) 47-35, J Emslie (Royal Aberdeen) 41-41, P Morrison (Newmachar) 42-40, S Hutcheon (Cruden Bay) 45-37, M Denholm (Deeside) 43-39, F Bisset (Banchory) 40-42, A McGill (Kemnay) 41-41, N Hardie (Kintore) 42-40.
83 D Craigie (Kemnay) 42-41, M Duncan (Murcar Links) 43-40, C Duffus (Royal Aberdeen) 45-38
84 G Homer (Aboyne) 43-41, G Thom (Murcar Links) 44-40
85 S Kidd (Longside) 44-41, B Munro (Newmachar) 38-47
86 D Cassie (Nigg Bay) 41-45, S Allison (Bon Accord) 46-40, L Fowler (Royal Aberdeen) 45-41, D Nelson (Aboyne) 41-45, K Mathieson (Kintore) 44-42, A Brown (Peterculter) 45-41
87 T Boyle (Portlethen) 45-42, P Cheyne (Northern) 43-44, R Denning (Inverurie) 47-40, M Forster (Cruden Bay) 45-42, G Cochrane (Kemnay) 43-44, D Cruickshank (Craibstone) 44-43, P Cornfield (Hazlehead) 44-43
88 M MacKay (Kemnay) 43-45, D Lane (Deeside) 44-44
89 P Clare (Aboyne)  43-46
91 D Booth (Tarland) 49-42, S Davidson (Northern) 47-44
92 S Ross (Hazlehead) 45-47, R Brown (Deeside) 44-48,
N Glass (Portlethen) 49-43
93 R Smith (Portlethen) 45-48
94 D Townsley (Peterculter) 44-50
95 M Brown (Deeside) 47-38, D Bisset (Banchory) 48-47, R Stephen (Newmachar) 47-48
96 A Sorley (Newmachar) 52-44, G Travis (Auchmill) 49-47, J Cobban (Portlethen) 50-46
98 S Christie (Aboyne) 48-40
99 G Devici (Peterculter) 48-51
101 G Leslie (Deeside) 54-47 
105 D Wright (Auchmill) 56-49

NRs S Cowie (Cullen Links), J Calder (Newmachar), A B Clark (Newmachar), B Stephen (Peterculter), P Morrison (Portlethen), R Penny (Portlethen)


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

NE Alliance tee times at Peterculter on Wednesday

OCTOBER 23, 2019
18:301Boyle, Tom
Cassie, Charlie
Cassie, David
28:381Booth, Doug
Ross, Stephen
Redman, Colin
38:461Allison, Stewart
Somers, Graham
Davidson, Richie
48:541Cowie, Steven
Finnie, Stewart
Meade, Graham
59:021MacKay, Mike
Gibson, Gordon
Leslie, Gary
69:101Craigie, Derek
Adam, Donny
Riley, Graham
79:181Shand, Steve
Angus, Craig
Craig, Colin
89:261Leslie, David
Homer, Gary
Calder, Jordan
99:341Rennie, Wilson
Birnie, Ian
Bedborough, Kevin
109:421Davidson, Sandy
Brown, Mike
Brown, Raymond
119:501McLean, Dave
Sorley, Ally
McWilliam, Stuart
129:581Fleming, David
Emslie, Jim
Templeton, David
1310:061Duncan, Mike
Fowler, Les
Chisholm, Neish
1410:141Sunley, John
Cheyne, Peter
Wright, Dick
1510:221McLean, Phil
Duncan, Kevin
Gilbert, Chris
1610:301Buchan, Michael
May, Martin
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
1710:381Travis, Graeme
Clare, Paul
Denning, Richard
1810:461Scott, Jim
Munro, Brian
Nelson, David
1910:541Smith, Ritchie
Glass, Norman
Cobban, Jim
2011:021Forster, Martin
Hutcheon, Stephen
Ritchie, Brian
2111:101Skene, Willie
Ruddiman, Richard
Denholm, Morty
2211:181Lane, David
Clark, Alistair B
Thom, Graham
2311:261Bisset, David
Bisset, Fergus
Esslemont, Ian
2411:341Addison, Declan
Gray, Cameron
Mackie, Scott
2511:421Zeynalov, Kamran
Kiloh, Sam
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2611:501Stephen, Brian
Stephen, Richard
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2711:581MacDonald, Charlie
MacDonald, Rod
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2812:061Mathieson, Ken
Deveci, Gokay
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2912:141Townsley, Derek
Duffus, Colin
Hardie, Neil
3012:221Nicolson, John
Cornfield, Paul
Nicolson, Brian
3112:301McConnachie, Ross
Brown (Visitor), Alan
Buck, Lee
3212:381_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
3312:461Kennedy, John
Watson, Gary
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Singles, Regular Stroke Play competition. Handicap allowance: Full allowance.
Play from White Tees (Men) and White Tees (Ladies).

Monday, October 21, 2019


After six events, Phil McLean and Kevin Duncan share the lead in the scratch section but with Caledonian’s Stewart Finnie keeping in close contact in the North-east Golfers Alliance Order of for the 2019-2020 season.
With 500 points awarded to the leading score at each event, positions can change very quickly as we saw last season.
Richie Davidson increased his lead at the top of Class 1 Handicap but Newmachar’s Ian Esslemont took the top points award with a net 68.  His gross 71 was 20 shots better than at Ballater the week before so predicting a season-end outcome in any of the three sections may prove difficult!
Class 2 Handicap section is a much closer affair with only 400 pts separating the top eight places.  David Lane still leads with 1625 pts but let the chasing pack catch up a little, thanks to a pointless round at Portlethen.  (A round with no points, that is –Ed!)

Thursday, October 17, 2019


BLAIRGOWRIE Golf Club hosted a successful Paul Lawrie Foundation Golf Day.
The event, sponsored by Perth-based Carbon Financial, supported the Foundation established by the 1999 Open champion and Ryder Cup vice-captain to develop young sporting talent.

Pictured with the famous Claret Jug at the 2014 Junior Ryder Cup venue are the winning team (from left): Bob Mackie, Charlie Gallagher, Paul Lawrie, Mark Christie and Ross McKay.
Carbon Financial managing director Gordon Wilson said: “We are delighted to be supporters of Paul’s Foundation, which is doing marvellous work nurturing the next generation of talented girls and boys.
“Paul took time to play a few holes with each of the teams, offered some valuable advice at a tutorial on the practice ground and entertained guests with a wide-ranging question-and-answer session.”
Carbon Financial are Premier Partners at Blairgowrie Golf Club.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Weather still holding out and 63 East Alliance members enjoyed a very well presented course at Royal Musselburgh today. Thanks to the Greens Team and all in the Clubhouse and Pro Shop for looking after all.
Some good scoring on the par 70 (36-34) East Lothian venue and early starter Craig Surgeon of Newbattle set a score that could not be beaten both on the scratch and handicap front to ensure his name goes on the Andrew Oldcorn Trophy for 2019.
Craig stormed out in 3 under par, with birdies at 3rd, 4th and 5th and a one under par back nine secured a gross 66 (33-33).
In close pursuit for top scratch prize were Marc Owenson and Zander Culverwell but they both fell one shot behind on 67 despite Marc heading out in 32 and Zander coming home in 32. Trophy presenter Andrew Oldcorn had to settle for a very credible 68 to share 4th Scratch Prize.
On the handicap front Willie Miller (Falkirk Tryst) was next best net score on 68 (78 less 10) and took top prize due to Craig claiming top Scratch Prize. Second  Handicap Prize went to  Walter Forsyth (Peebles ) on net 69 (74 less 5).
The results show no Senior Winner today but this is due to a myriad of players being on net 70 including 5 Seniors so the Secretary decided 3rd Handicap and Senior Prizes should be shared amongst them.
Five Trainees played today and very pleasing to see all 5 were in the prizes. Zander Culverwell and Marc Owenson shared 2nd spot in main Scratch Prizes.
New Member Myles Cunningham of Gullane was Top Trainee on 72 and Local Assistant Cameron Brown (Royal Musselburgh) and Callum Greenhill (Renaissance Club) shared 2nd prize on 74.
With 3 events underway the Order of merits are shaping up and top 5 in each are -
1. Ian Anderson (Shotts) - 172.5
2. Marc Owenson (Gullane) - 168.5
3. Ross Munro (Golf Clubs 4 Cash) - 147.0
4. Richard Johnston (Glenbervie) - 146.5
5. Neil Henderson (Renaissance Club) -m 146.0
1. Willie Laing (Prestonfield) - 62.0
2. Scott Fraser (Mortonhall) - 46.0
3. David Eardley (Broomieknowe) - 44.5
4. Craig Surgeon (Newbattle) - 42.0
5. Ross Callan (Bathgate) - 40.5

Next week it is off to the Capital for the usual warm welcome we get at Duddingston Golf Club.

Alan Greenshields
Secretary/ Treasurer
Edinburgh and East of Scotland Golfers' Alliance
18 Woodfield Park
EH13 0RB

Mobile: 07730 007100

Andrew Oldcorn Trophy Royal Musselburgh 16.10.19Scratch Scores
1  Surgeon  Craig  Newbattle  Amateur  662  Culverwell  Zander  Renaissance Club Trainee  673  Owenson  Marc  Gullane  Trainee  674  Anderson  Ian  Shotts  Professional  685  Oldcorn  Andrew  Ratho Park  Professional  687  Huguet  Norman  Musselburgh  Professional

8  Noon  Ross  Renaissance Club Amateur 719  Cunningham  Myles

Gullane Trainee 72
10  Flannery  Daniel  Renaissance Club Professional

11 Kanev Michael  Lochgelly  Professional7212  Erskine  Andrew  Ratho Park Professional 7313  Marshall  Andrew  Houston G.R. Professional 7314  Rudd  David  Longniddry Amateur 7315  Brown  Cameron Royal Musselburgh Trainee 7416  Forsyth Walter Peebles Senior 7417  Fraser  Colin 'Peebles Amateur 7418 Greenhill  Callum  Renaissance Club Trainee 7419 Henderson Neil Renaissance Club Professional 7420 Johnston Richard Glenbervie Amateur 7421 Louden Michael Glencorse Senior 7422 Munro  Ross Golf Clubs 4 Cash Professional 7423 Reid Scott Musselburgh Amateur 7424 Davies  Mark Newbattle Amateur 7525 Dick  James Duddingston Professional 7526 McAdam  Marc Mortonhall Amateur 7527 Reid Brian Dunbar Senior 7528 Callan Ross Bathgate Amateur 7629 Renton Roy Archerfield Links Amateur 7630  Grant  Ronald  Baberton Senior 7731 Thomson  Brian  Kilspindie Senior 7732  Dand  Steve Archerfield Links Senior 7833  Miller  Willie  Falkirk Tryst Senior 7834   Cockburn Robin Stirling Senior 7935  Eardley David Broomieknowe Senior 7936  Gordon Neil Dunbar Amateur 7937 Jeavons Ian Dunbar Senior 7938 Johnston Graeme D Glenbervie Amateur 7939 Laing William Prestonfield Senior 7940 Binnie Colin Ratho Park Amateur 8041 Byars Brian Harrison (Braids) Amateur 8242 Fyfe Ian Musselburgh Senior 8243 Skinner Grant Glencorse Amateur 8244 MacDonald Andrew Prestonfield Senior 8345 Silvestro James Dalmahoy Amateur 8346 Bootland Hinton Duddingston Senior 8447 Brown Gordon Baberton Amateur 8448 Kennedy Gordon Ratho Park Amateur 8449 Leggate Philip Musselburgh Senior 8450 Masterton John Mortonhall Senior 8651 Whyte Jordan Royal Aberdeen Amateur 8752 Girvan Scott Baberton Senior 8853 Marshall Graeme Kingsknowe Amateur 8854 Roberts Graham Liberton Amateur 8955 Wyse Ian Falkirk Tryst Senior 8956 Cowen Pete West Lothian Amateur 9057 Jervis Derek Prestonfield Senior 9458 Miller Bill Baberton Senior 9459 Phillips Keith Mortonhall Amateur 9460 Kay Michael Dalmahoy Amateur 9761 Chrystal Brian Baberton Senior NR62 Veitch Michael Peebles Amateur NR63 Wither George Liberton Senior NR

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